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Helping our Schools

St-Louis-De-France School x 104 + Perron Design

Foundation 104 is proud to have been able to help the St-Louis-De-France primary school in Quebec City to pursue its mission by granting financial assistance which notably made it possible to redevelop a teachers' room.



Like many, we have noticed for a long time that many of our schools in Quebec lack a lot of love. However, these are the environments where our children learn every day and where they develop.

An important link in our education system is undoubtedly our teachers. Those who dedicate themselves body and soul to providing the most enriching and pleasant educational experience for our children.


Too often, we forget that the culture and dynamism of our classes and our schools depends on the commitment and involvement of teachers!

Too often we forget that our teachers work hard and dedicatedly without receiving much-needed resources. 

Too often we take our teachers for granted. The latest pandemic and current teacher shortage is a stark reminder of how essential it is for our society to care for and care about our teachers.

For the 104 Foundation, it was clear that we had to do something for our teachers! We believe that by taking care of our teachers, it is ultimately the experience and happiness of our children that will be positively impacted!

Happy teachers = happy children

Foundation 104 would like to take this opportunity to thank all teachers in Quebec and elsewhere for their work, which is so important to our society!

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