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Le 104 honors the memory of an apartment where Catherine, Vincent, François and Simon lived together.

This was a place where action, ambition, friendship and fun shone.


In the same way that 104 has been for us on our life's journey, we want to represent the idea of a place where young people can in turn blossom, take initiative, work as a team and achieve their ambitions.


Catherine Savoie

"We're convinced that young people have the creativity, intelligence and progressive values to drive our society forward and help build a better world."

François Thériault

"For us, building a foundation is a way of giving back to society and showing generosity. We believe in the power of education and the positive effects of investing in young people."


Vincent Thériault

"We want to offer opportunities for all those who want to get involved, take action and bring about change."

Simon Gauthier

"We are aware that some young people do not have the same opportunities, experiences or personal tools as others. We always seek to help reduce the perverse effects of these social inequalities by paying particular attention to these young people."



A new stage

From the creation of the Surmesur Foundation to the transition to the 104 Foundation, learn more about this heartfelt story of philanthropy.

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